The Loyal Capital Partners (LCP) Group

Curators of your wealth.

Since the creation of our company, we have placed great value in our international awareness, enhancing our ability to understand the needs of our clients and the cross-cultural challenges they can face in both private and professional lives. Thanks to the large diversity of experiences brought to the Group by our founding partners, we offer a unique 360° vision to the most complex problems, giving an unusual insight into situations that often sound difficult to comprehend.

A former boutique consulting company active in various types of investments, the Loyal Capital Partners Group is today home to several experts, advisors and professionals that all strive to offer only the best counselling to our clients. Following our initial motto that still drives our daily activities, we take pride in treating our clients and their investment strategies with humility, no matter how highly impressive and bewildering their own backgrounds may be. 

Based in Lausanne, our Group encompasses a typical Swissness in the daily operations of all its subsidiaries, with attention to detail, precision, commitment and discretion playing an essential role in our interactions with our clients. A 100% privately-owned entity, the Loyal Capital Partners Group centralises and manages all activities from the Group’s headquarters at the heart of the town, making it highly convenient to both clients and business partners

Along with LCP ACE  in Dubai, our other companies and subsidiaries in Switzerland boast an impressive network with more than 30 different countries across the globe for the ultimate benefit of our most respected clients. Whatever you need, we will find it and solve it. The more complex, the better.

Mission statement

Our Group’s mission is to build a responsible and perennial wealth together with our clients, sharing a unique, stable, diversified and long-standing investment platform in a courteous and humble atmosphere. 

Core values


The Loyal Capital Partners Group takes pride in the narrow and privileged relationship it has built and nurtured with both clients and business partners over the last years, granting our Group a unequalled access to highly confidential matters. As such, we believe it is our natural duty to treat all received material and information with utmost secrecy.  This is reflected in our operational standards as well as in all contractual obligations linked to our companies. 


Given the nature of our clients and the fast growing sectors in which they evolve, we guarantee our clients a maximum flexibility throughout our entire cooperation. Our « 24 or nor » feedback policy has proven to be a highly appreciated aspect of our exclusive service to clients who often require a swift preliminary analysis of their personal situation and tailored solutions. Thanks to our large database of high profiles we are able to connect people with the same expectations around the world in little time.


Humility defines who we are and especially where we come from. We pay close attention in providing a humble approach to even the most complicated requests. At the Loyal Capital Partners Group, all companies are used to dealing with the most decerning clients. This allows us to offer equally-levelled platforms for discussions and negotiations, fostering healthy and fruitful handlings in comfortable circumstances.


At the Loyal Capital Partners Group, trust is of the essence and is more than a value we all share. It is the founding principle of our partnership and of our relation to our respected clients. They can expect to have a complete trust in all our companies, in any action they undertake in their interest and in the outcome of their joint efforts

Our story

The celebration of friendship. 

The success of commitment to others.

The Loyal Capital Partners Group is a story, well before a company. The decision to place loyalty to our most respected clients and partners at the forefront, before an official alliance of hardworking colleagues.

Our evolution has been swift and challenging, yet an extraordinary experience we feel grateful for each day. 


July 2014

Creation of Luxury Capital Partners Kössler-Collins & Jacquier, a sole proprietorship company based in Valais (Switzerland)

November 2015

Mr Kashan Rafique joins as a partner, opening the way to our activities in the Middle East & Africa

August 2016

Mr Dean Harley joins as a partner, adding Swiss real estate development & brokerage to our activities

April 2017

Luxury Capital Partners becomes a Limited Liability Company based in Vaud (Switzerland)

January 2019

Registration of LCP FZE, soon to be LCP ACE, in Dubai (UAE)

June 2019

Creation of LCP RED, a Limited Liability Company based in Vaud (Switzerland)

December 2019

Luxury Capital Partners LLC takes its new global HQ offices at Place Saint-François in Lausanne (Switzerland)

May 2021

Luxury Capital Partners LLC gives way to Loyal Capital Partners (LCP) Group, a holding company reuniting LCP ACE and LCP RED

Our board

Chair of the Board

Mrs Koessler-Collins was born in Singapore, is an ethnic Chinese and holds both Swiss and New Zealand passports. A specialist in international marketing, cross cultural management issues and intermediation for commodities trading, Mrs Koessler-Collins holds an impressive international career with a strong cross-cultural orientation to clients’ business issues in Multi-National Corporations in Asia Pacific & Middle East region. She also created innovative solutions in global corporate strategy or international market penetration

Member of the Board – Managing Director LCP RED

A native Swiss national with dual British – Swiss citizenship, Mr Dean M. Harley rapidly gained a sound and confirmed interest for Real Estate investment, which he has practiced with success for more than 15 years now, for both commercial and residential assets, with a growing demand from international UHNW clients. A well-known individual in the Swiss RE sector, Mr Harley is a precious added-value to our Swiss operations and manages LCP RED – Real Estate Development, a Company of the Loyal Capital Partners (LCP) Group, maintaining highly valued relations with local real estate professionals, including all major actors in the construction field.

Our investments

« Don’t just think, do »


The Loyal Capital Partners Group adopts a multi-facetted approach to all investments, relying on a unique 360° analysis of revenue-generating opportunities based on the unique profiles of its founders. At the present time, we are seriously involved in several companies and development projects, both in Switzerland and abroad.

In line with our shareholders’ expectations, a well-balanced and diversified investment portfolio currently contributes to the Group’s wealth. Real estate in Switzerland, a highly secure and stable country, counts for 73% of our total investments.