Honouring noble causes by supporting humble steps

« A man of humanity is one who…desiring attainment for himself, helps others to attain. »


At The Loyal Capital Partners Group, we remain thoroughly attached to our origins, and accept with humility and gratitude the very promising results we have achieved over a very limited period of time. As a discreet yet efficient key actor in our field of expertise, we recognise the importance of our actions and the responsibility that we have in today’s world shaping tomorrow’s future. In that aspect, we pay close attention to the efforts of private individuals, associations or foundations who care for less fortunate beings, and support them financially to help them reach their noble objectives. 

Each year, The Loyal Capital Partners Group « gives back » to charities and organisations that provide cost-effective and high-impact assistance to entities that share our Group’s essential values. Typical causes range from the support to disadvantaged children to the prevention of different types of addictions, as well as sustainable projects aimed to preserve our environment.

The analysis of charitable projects is performed by an independent review body on an annual basis. If you wish to submit a suggestion to our Group, please contact punevgl@ypc-tec.pu.